Winter Ball Hockey


Our winter ball hockey leagues are fun, co-ed, and recreational. At each of our leagues we aim to provide a fun and entertaining experience for the whole family, whether you’re a player or a spectator. Our leagues are open to new and experienced players alike. Each league is hosted by a local church within your community. Your child will be lead by coaches who are volunteering their time to provide your child with an excellent experience playing the game of hockey, all while teaching your child what it means to “play with character.” We look forward to serving your family!

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What equipment does my child need?

Your child will need running shoes, shin pads (soccer), hockey gloves, shorts, hockey helmet with a mask and a water bottle.

What does a typical game day look like?

Each night will include a game consisting of two 18 minute halves. At the end of the game your child will participate in a team talk which emphasizes character development from a Christian perspective.

What are the “Team Talks”?

At Onside we want your child to learn more than how to play a specific sport. After each game your child’s team will participate in a “Team-Talk”. The “Team-Talk” is a faith based talk from a Christian perspective.

Do you provide financial assistance/bursaries?

We work with local community organizations that provide funding and bursaries to families in need. Contact us at for more information.

Who are the coaches and volunteers?

Each league is sponsored by a local church that provides many of our league volunteers. Each church is committed to serving their community by providing an affordable and enjoyable experience to your family.

When is the shirt sizing date?

Tuesday, January 14. 6:00PM – 8:00PM.

What are the important dates?

Uniform Sizing Dates will be on January 14.
The season will begin on January 21 and run until March 24.
Finals/Awards Tourney will take place on Saturday, March 28.