Centre Wellington Summer 2019 Staff Application

We are looking forward to another summer of camp ministry here at Onside Athletics. Onside Athletics partners with local churches to serve families by providing the best summer camp experience.

Centre Wellington summer camps are a ministry of Grand River Community Church and a located here as well as at a local public school in Elora.  Though facilitated by Onside Athletics, summer camp staff will be hired through Grand River Community Church.

Please only apply if you have thoroughly read the summer description, job description, and meet all of the qualifications and expectations. Serious consideration is given to all applicants, as staff have a major impact on every child’s camp experience. When all applications have been received, we will offer positions to successful candidates based on where we believe the candidate would best fit.

We look forward to receiving your application and serving with you this summer.

Please ensure that this email is accurate, and actively monitor it over the coming weeks. Email will be the primary avenue for all future correspondence.
Unit #, Street, City, Province, Postal Code
There are a number of different positions that you may choose to apply for. Please make sure you have read the job description and requirements prior to selecting a position.
I have answered all the questions truthfully and to the best of my ability; I am in agreement with the “Lifestyle and Spiritual Expectations”; I am willing to work hard in building my relationship with God and the Onside Staff as we serve together; I will submit myself to the guidance and direction of our leaders as we serve together; and I will not conduct or participate in any behaviour that is detrimental to furthering the good news of the gospel.