Who We Are:

Since 2010, we have been providing affordable, recreational programming for families. We are a Christian organization that is a ministry of Fellowship International, part of the Fellowship family.

What drives us is our faith. We partner with local churches throughout Canada, to provide affordable, recreational programming for all families. We take the command “love your neighbour” seriously. Meaning that all of our programs are for children and families of all backgrounds and cultures.

Onside Athletics and EPIC provide leagues, camps, after-school and mid-week programs and leadership development for children and youth in our communities.

To learn more about Onside Athletics click here. To learn more about EPIC click here.

Mission & Values:

We exist to connect churches and communities by providing the best experience for every family.

You can tell a lot about an organization by what they value. Our values shape how we operate; how we interact with partners and families; and how we develop our programs. We are committed to providing your family affordable recreational programming; while along the way teaching your child some valuable life lessons.

We value faith, family, excellence, leadership and generosity.

What is Onside Athletics?

In 2010, in Guelph, Ontario, Onside Athletics began as a program of a local church as a way to meet the needs of its neighbourhood by providing affordable sports programs for families. In 2016, we incorporated as a registered not-for-profit, tasked with the mission of connecting churches and community through sport. In 2021, Onside Athletics became a part of the Fellowship family a registered Canadian Charity.

We partner with local churches to provide affordable programs. Each program is “sport specific” aimed at teaching your child the sport through skill development and fair competition. We provide leagues, skill development programs and day camps.

For more information about Onside email us at or call us at (888) 859-3704.

What is EPIC?

In 2015, in Belleville, ON, EPIC began as a program of a local church as a way to meet the needs of its neighbourhood by providing affordable programming for families. In 2021, EPIC became part of the larger community of Onside Athletics, which is a part of the Fellowship family a registered Canadian Charity.

EPIC partners with local churches to provide affordable programs. EPIC programs consist of art, crafts, drama, sports, games, and other activities aimed at teaching your child valuable life lessons. EPIC provides after-school, midweek and camp programs.

For more information about EPIC visit; email or call (888) 859-2808.

Our Team:

There is no “I” in “Team”.

We believe that no one team member is more important than another member. This defines how we work, grow and serve.

Our team is comprised of individuals throughout Canada who are committed to our mission and vision. Our volunteer Board of Directors provide oversight to the organization. Our Senior Leadership Team oversees and implements our vision and strategy; relationships with partners and local churches; and manages the operations of the organizations. Our Regional Coordinators, seasonal staff and all of our volunteers ensure that all our programs our enjoyable, exciting and excellent.

To connect with one of our team members email us at or call us at (888) 859-3704.

Contact Us:

Have a question? Want to be part of our team? Want to bring Onside Athletics to your community? Reach out to us.

Email us at Message us on Facebook. DM us on Instagram. Call us at (888) 859-3704.