Who We Are:

Since 2010, we have been providing affordable, recreational sports programming for families throughout Southern Ontario. We are a Christian sports organization that is a ministry of Fellowship International, part of the Fellowship family.

What drives us is our faith. We partner with local churches throughout Canada, to provide affordable, recreational sporting for all families. We take the command “love your neighbour” seriously. Meaning that all of our programs are for children and families of all backgrounds and cultures.

We provide leagues, camps and leadership development for children and youth in our communities. We believe that through sport we can all learn a lot that can change our lives.

Mission & Values:

We exist to connect churches and communities through sport by providing the best sporting experience for every family.

You can tell a lot about an organization by what they value. At Onside our values shape how we operate, how we interact with partners and families and how we develop our program. We are committed to providing your family recreational sporting at an affordable rate and hopefully teaching your child some valuable life lessons.

We value faith, family, excellence, leadership, and generosity.

Our Team:

Details coming soon.