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We are looking forward to another summer of camp ministry at Onside Athletics. Onside Athletics partners with local churches to serve families by providing the best summer camp experience. Though staffing is facilitated by Onside Athletics, please note that all summer staff will be hired by the local church where the staff member will be stationed at throughout the summer.

Serious consideration is given to all applicants, as staff have a major impact on every child’s camp experience. As a staff member you have the responsibility of providing for the camper an environment where they can excel, enjoy and experience a great week of sports and afternoon trips.

If you would like to apply for a position with Onside Athletics please do so only after you have thoroughly read the job description. If you meet all the qualifications and are able to meet all the expectations please apply.

We look forward to receiving your application and serving with you this summer.

To apply CLICK HERE.


This summer you have the opportunity to serve with Onside Athletics in the role of a volunteer, not only will you have a great week working with us, but you’ll gain valuable leadership experience. You can apply to volunteer with us if you meet the following criteria:

  • Must be willing to work and serve hard.
  • Must be willing to work in a Christian environment.
  • Work through a mentorship/coaching program with supervisor (Summer Camp Assistant Director)
  • Must at least be entering grade 9 in September 2017.

Applications to be part of our summer volunteer team are now open. CLICK HERE.


  • Thank you for your interest in working with Onside Athletics. To apply to any of our current job openings, follow these guidelines:
  • Submit a separate application (i.e. cover letter and resume) for each position you apply for.
  • Submit your application to
  • In the subject line of the email, include your full name and the job title.

Current Job Openings

Executive Assistant and Special Events Coordinator

Description: We are seeking a self-motivated individual who is able to provide support to our senior staff. This position is part-time.
Employment Status: ​ May to August (20 hours a week); September to April (10 Hours a week)
Location: Ability to work and/or travel to Guelph, ON
Deadline to apply: Friday, June 30, 2017

Click here for a full job description.


Interested in sponsoring a team or program? Please contact us at or call us at (519) 546-8765.

Have Questions? Please contact us!